Greece prepares for Brexit

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As the deadline draws near for Brexit, EU countries are advising expats, holidaymakers and travellers what the position will be after March 29th.

Corfu is one of the most popular Greek destinations for British visitors

Of concern to them – and British tour operators – is the fact that holiday bookings aren’t as strong as they might be. That is being placed fairly and squarely on Brexit concerns.

Generally the EU countries have a unified approach but how they communicate that information to visitors and expats is patchy. Italy and Spain have released information and now Greece has configured a special website with a question and answer format to allay doubts and to demonstrate that visiting the country will remain pretty easy.

As this information, as I said, is common I am going to quote liberally from the website as a guide for holidaymakers going not just to Greece but to any other EU country.

You will find the website at

Firstly, up until March 29th entry to Greece will be exactly as it has been in previous years.  You don’t need a visa but you must take your passport. Your health insurance coverage and the conditions under which you are insured do not change.

If there is an agreement to run after March 29th, you will still need a passport but you don’t need a visa. This situation will exist until the end of 2020. Once again your health insurance cover conditions will not change.

If there is no agreement and no extension has been agreed, at least for 2019, British travellers must have a valid passport, preferably issued after the end of 2009. However British visitors won’t obviously go through the EU passport lines but the lines for others. This could mean a slight delay in getting through but I suspect that it will still be fairly quick.

An EU proposal exempts UK nationals from requiring a visa for stays up to 90 days provided that the British government agrees to the same for EU visitors coming to the UK. This, the UK government has already said that they will do.

The Greek government has announced that if there is a no-deal Brexit then they will present a bill to the Greek parliament about British citizens’ rights in Greece and this will be added to the website when available.

In summary I would say that there is very little to concern travellers this year. Enjoy your holidays instead whether it be within EU countries or elsewhere.

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