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Yesterday I looked at the results from some analysis about airports that comparethemarket.com sent out on delays and cancellations.

Qantas is the airline with the longest average flight delays

At the same time the company looked at which airlines suffered the most delays and cancellations as well. The company compared 52 airlines but for these purposes you can remove one – Flybmi having gone bust.

TAP-Air Portugal posted the fact that 84.84% of all its flights were either delayed or cancelled.

Fifteen airlines had absolutely no cancellations at all and they deserved to be listed because if a plane develops a technical problem and the airline is not based in the UK then delays can occur in getting parts. It means that the standard of maintenance and keeping any parts that might be required is as good as it gets. The fifteen are Aeroflot; Air China, Air New Zealand, All Nippon, Asiana, Cathay Pacific, China Eastern, China Southern, Japan Airlines, Jet, Korean, Malaysian, Qatar Airlines Singapore and Thai.

That isn’t to say that those fifteen weren’t delayed from time-to-time but a delay is better than a cancellation.

Qantas is the airline that achieves the dubious distinction of the longest average flight delay, that of 28.85 minutes followed by Thomas Cook Airlines with average delay of 25.75 minutes and Air Canada with an average delay of 24.36 minutes. The airline recording the shortest average departure delay was Iberia at 2.69 minutes. I’m not sure passengers would even know that that short of time registered with them as being late. It was followed by Aeroflot being on average just 3.49 minutes late and All Nippon at 3.98 minutes late.

Given that the airline industry records that anything under fifteen minutes is considered to be on time, some twenty-four of the fifty-one airlines would have been considered to have been on time, all the time!

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