Avoid Stansted?

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Comparethemarket.com has been casting its analytical eyes over 26 British airports and has concluded that Stansted has more delays and cancellations than any of them.

Stansted Airport check-in hall.

Just about three-quarters of all flights through Stansted were delayed or cancelled, the average time for delays being – according to comparethemarket.com – 30.35 minutes. Only one other airport had an average delay longer than twenty minutes and that was Manchester with a delay of 20.2 minutes. That difference is a substantial one and compares badly with the airport that had the lowest average delay which was Belfast City with an average delay of 8.68 minutes.

Why is Stansted so bad? Busy airports are more likely to have delays so maybe some will find it surprising that Heathrow managed an average time delay of just 15.79 minutes. Those airports catering primarily for leisure passengers also seem to attract delays but an average delay that Stansted has registered needs some explaining. Could the figures be higher than expected because the analysis was done at a time Ryanair was having industrial relations problems? Being a large user of the airport how it performs would affect the airport’s overall figure

Leaving aside average time delays, the airport that had the fewest flight cancellations was Exeter with just 0.01% of flights cancelled. Belfast City had only 0.05% of flights cancelled. Even Stansted had only 1.4% of all its flights cancelled. Given the high number of flights from Stansted compared to Exeter and Belfast City, Stansted performs well.

It is Southampton that registered the highest percentage of cancelled flights at 5.17% of all flights with Aberdeen the runner-up at 4.78%. No other airport topped 3%.

Comparethemarket.com doesn’t offer any thoughts on why Southampton and Aberdeen should have such a high level of cancellations when compared to rival airports.

If you consider both the cancellations and the delayed flights information together then the least bad performing airport is Durham Tees Valley with just 31.65% of all flights being delayed or cancelled. But that is still almost a third of all flights. And the airport doesn’t have that many flights in the first place!

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