The longest queues at an airport

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It used to be that the check-in queue was the longest that any airline passenger had to face. With online check-in, the drop-off baggage line took over as the most annoying feature of trying to catch a flight.

the queue that lasts and lasts

Then the security line became the bugbear as increased security checks meant that some airports told you to remove your shoes and others did not so even regular flight passengers held up the lines as they found they had more work to do before they could go through the scanning machine.

Forget all of them

These days the biggest hassle is trying to get through the coffee shop queue.

In the old days you ordered a tea or a coffee. That was it until you had to decide if you wanted milk and sugar.

Not today. Coffee shops have gone mad with all the different types of coffee you can buy all of which seems to involve cleaning the coffee machine between each order. Then there are the various shots that people require to go into the brews and whether chocolate is sprinkled on top, whipped cream or even a 99 chocolate stick is added to the cup.

All of this takes time and if the person selling you the coffee is also the barista (an ugly word if ever there was one!) who is making it the time taken is inordinate. There I was in a queue of thirteen when, eighteen minutes later, the queue had finally made it me. I only wanted a tea so my solution is that those wanting coffee have to go to special queue where, as they wait for their macabre mixture to be concocted, they can muse on the delays they are causing themselves.

Luckily I had plenty of time before my flight but one couple, tired of waiting and with an impending last call coming for their flight, asked if they could push to the front of the queue to obtain the double shot, macadamia syrup, Colombian skinny latte or whatever it was that was about to be constructed for them.

That’s the last time I allow it to happen to me because next time I might miss my flight. Let these coffee buffs stop the problems they are causing and settle for just a simple coffee.    

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