Another hotel moan

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Either I haven’t noticed or I am getting to blase about what hotels provide.

how can a guest rinse their hands whenthe flow of water is so close to the edge of the basin?

On arriving at one hotel I went to have a wash and what did I find? A sink where it was impossible to get my hands under the tap and still keep them within the bowl without hitting my knuckles.

What is about designers? Don’t they live in  the real world?  If the sink designer had ever tried to wash his/her hands then how did that person ever manage to rinse the soap off them?

The water spouted from the tap but straight down. If it were at an angle I could have easily rinsed my hands. As it was the water just splashed from my hands onto an un-tiled  back wall. Only by turning my hands sideways could I get them under the tap. Why couldn’t the designer have added a tap spout that stretched further over the bowl?

Not an easy way to wash your hands but it can be done!

This is the sort of little thing that annoys hotel guests. I add it to my list of things that deter me from staying at certain hotels. That list includes showers where you scald or freeze yourself as you try to get them to work; showers over baths where because of a glass panel you have to be a contortionist to try and turn the shower on and toilets that have radiators next to where you sit so you scald your thigh if the heating is on.

Then there are rooms with paper thin walls where you can the slightest noise in the adjacent room; kettles with an electric cable that barely stretches to the socket and insufficient electric sockets near where the desk is so that you resort to unplugging anything in the room in order to be able to work or recharge your mobile.

There are rooms obviously catering for two people where only one chair is supplied forcing the other person to sit on the bed. There are rooms there no desk is supplied for working because it is circular and sits trendily in the middle of the room.

Some hotels provide enough pillows and cushions so you have to build a mountain of them on the floor before you are able to even think about getting into bed for a good night’ sleep whilst others having a dripping tap that you don’t think is worth reporting until you find – at 2am – that it is keeping you awake. Reporting it to housekeeping or reception at that time of night gives you the answer that the maintenance people don’t come on duty again until the morning which, incidentally, is when you are checking out so you couldn’t care anymore.

Maybe the next hotel at which I will stay – and that will be tonight – will leave me less ratty.

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