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When you’re travelling, it’s fun to experiment, explore, and do things that you wouldn’t normally do. You might also end up feeling comfortable enough to act just like you would at home, especially if you are visiting a different country for a longer timeframe. However, you have to be careful, as there may be things you wouldn’t realise are an offence while you are in Australia – or you might not guess that breaking these laws would get you gaol time. Here are five things you don’t want to do.

Here are just five offences that can land you in gaol.

1. Acts intended to cause injury

Causing injury to another person is serious, whether you intend to harm them or not. But even if you try to injure someone and fail, you could still go to prison if your intent can be proven. Usually gaol time is reserved for serious offences, but if you did something in the heat of the moment – like getting into a fight outside a bar when you’ve had a few celebratory drinks – you could lands yourself in a cell. Even if you think the offence wasn’t too serious, you never know when the court may choose to make an example.

2. Justice procedure offences

Justice procedure offences are the third most common reason for women to be in gaol in New South Wales. In other words, they’re a big deal, and a lot of people do end up serving time for them. What falls under this category? Obvious things like breaching the conditions of bail or escaping custody are in there, but so are things like resisting or hindering arrest. You could also get into a lot of trouble for perjury or bringing contraband into prison as a visitor. It’s better to go along with the requests of the police and get advice from a lawyer about what to do in the station, rather than needing a lawyer because you decided to make a stand.

3. Drug offences

These can again range from the serious to the minor. It’s a very good idea to avoid any kind of contact with any kind of drug that isn’t easily available over the counter in an Australian pharmacy. Be careful about what you bring into the country, even prescribed medications – some of them are legal in other countries but not in others.

4. Traffic offences

Drink driving, being reckless or dangerous, or driving without a licence can get you into a lot of trouble in Australia. Most people might not think of traffic offences as being on the same level as other criminal offences, but they can put you right into the same prisons. If you aren’t legally allowed to drive, don’t do it – and stay safe at all times when on the roads.

5. Sexual assault

With many people now aware of the vagaries of consent thanks to the #metoo movement, there is still a chance that misunderstandings can happen when you’re visiting another culture. Your idea of consent might be different to that of another person when the very words you use could have different meanings thanks to dialect and slang. Be careful, make sure that you are always proceeding in a way that other parties are comfortable with, and walk away from any situation in which you aren’t sure. Don’t let a night of drinking and some poor decision-making turn you into a sex offender, something which could easily ruin your life.

There are lots of other offences that can land you in gaol in Australia, but these are the most common reasons for people to do time. Don’t become one of them when you’re trying to enjoy your holiday!

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