Flying on Turkmenistan Airlines

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I can’t imagine there are too many readers who have booked to fly to Turkmenistan on their national airline but there will be some people who use the airline to fly from Birmingham and Heathrow to destinations in India – Amritsar and New Delhi.

But with the EU banning the airline from flying in Europe due to safety concerns, a decision that the CAA has to follow, what happens to passengers who have booked seats on the airline.

If an airline goes bust, passengers have recourse to a refund either from the credit card provider or the administrators of the airline. But the airline isn’t bust so who pays up?

Unused tickets are entitled to a refund provided it is before the date of travel. But will the airline make refunds? You can contact them on or ring them on 0844-5852065.

If you booked via a travel agent and it is part of a package then the travel agent should refund the money. If you paid on a credit card, your credit card company might refund the money. You may also be able to claim from your travel insurance company but check the fine print. This isn’t a usual occurrence and there may be restrictions on your policy.

Don’t think you can claim under EU261. Passengers can claim if their tickets aren’t honoured by an airline but surely that applies only to when the fault is of the airline’s making? And EU261 deals with compensation not refunds so it won’t apply

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