Yes, we can travel visa-free

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As was expected and despite all the brouhaha between British and EU politicians, it was announced on Friday that the EU would prepare legislation allowing Britons to visit Europe for up to ninety days without the need for a visa. Since the EU parliament had already voted for this last year there seem to be no problems in getting this new legislation passed.

It depends, of course, on reciprocity that wonderful word beloved by civil servants. It mean that, providing the UK government agrees to that for incoming EU visitors, the EU will do the same. And since the UK government agreed to some time ago it seems very unlikely that this won’t happen.

The significant thing about this announcement is that it will take place whether there is a deal between the EU and UK or not.

That there will be no visas will make it as fast as it is at the moment to go through immigration and security.

But I also think it has another significance.

It must surely also mean that passengers will be able to fly between the two destinations. At present there is no agreement that flights can continue after the 29th of March. Surely making it easier for passengers to enter means that an air agreement is in the offing as well?

Airlines have been setting up companies in both destinations to be able to continue to fly. According to the advice given by the UK government, “the UK would envisage granting permission to EU airlines to continue to operate. We would expect EU countries to reciprocate in turn. It would not be in the interest of any EU country or the UK to restrict the choice of destinations that could be served, though, if such permissions are not granted, there could be disruption to some flights.”

It would be easy for a blanket decision to be made that the existing status continues. Can such an announcement be too far away?

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