Forgetting Brexit

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Time for a trip to Tenerife?
If Brexit has no effect, Tenerife should be as popular as ever

Before the vote earlier this evening on the government’s deal with Brexit, a flight comparison website said that a new poll it had commissioned suggested that Britons are ‘binning Brexit’ and getting ready to splash nearly £2 billion extra on their getaways in 2019.

Would those interviewed be of the same mind now when commentators all over the world are trying to digest the larger than expected scale of the vote against the government’s plans? The might be even more confused since the pound has dipped and then risen  (at least at the time of writing) and the stock market is flat. Clearly these parts of the business world seem sanguine about the vote and are, presumably not that concerned about the no-confidence vote that is being tabled by the Opposition.

If the markets don’t seem unduly concerned should holidaymakers and travellers be so?

The website, Netflights, also found that ‘people are worrying too much’ about Brexit, and around 40% think ‘it will all be fine.’ Have we just descended into a state where we are fed up with the whole thing and that things individuals can affect like choice of holiday destination are more important at the moment?

Could it also be that since the EU and the British have announced that planes will keep flying this year have made people consider that there will be little or no disruption to their plans this year? If they are of that view it might explain why Netflights found that, on average, holidaymakers still plan to spend £630 each more on their holidays compared to last year.

That figure is a substantial rise over expenditure last year and understanding why it is so high demands explanation but Netflights offers none. For a family of four we are talking about an additional £2,500 and that might stretch people’s budgets. Could it be a last splurge before Brexit really hits?

Perhaps the more easily understood part of the research is that about 20% of responders said that they are no longer planning to go to Europe this year, and a quarter plan to book but are ‘holding off deciding where to see what happens’.

They aren’t the only ones waiting to see what happens!

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