Passengers don’t care

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It was a week ago when he newspapers carried the story that Ryanair had been voted the worst airline according to a survey of Which? readers. This wasn’t the first time that Ryanair had gained this accolade, it was the sixth time in a row.

But to be fair to Ryanair, the average Which? reader is not your typical traveller. A survey across the wider population might show a different result. Or not because, regardless of the airline’s changing its views a few years ago to improve its customer satisfaction ratings, generally the airline doesn’t perform to well.

As I said, a week has passed since Which? announced this and what has happened? Not a thing. The story died as soon as the weekend was over. The story was forgotten by the media and probably forgotten by Which? readers as well as passengers.

As I mentioned, this dubious accolade has been by the airline for the last six years and what has it achieved? It hasn’t affected the airline, it doesn’t seem to have deterred passengers and it hasn’t spurred regulatory authorities to turn to the airline and tell them to do better.

Waiting for a week before writing this story I thought there might have been some ripples of concern but, no, nothing. In effect it is been a complete waste of time since nobody seems to have taken any notice of it at least any meaningful way. Which? got some publicity on a slow weekend for news but as soon as the Brexit arguments and retail sales performances over Christmas were announced, that was an end to it.

What it may show is that passengers don’t care. They will opt to use the airline again and again because of price and convenience despite how badly it performs in surveys. And that must please the bosses at Ryanair because they can take no notice of what passengers think until at least they start walking with their feet and booking elsewhere.

Six years of experience has shown that passengers aren’t doing that.

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