No seats, use the floor

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According to the BBC, an episode of the consumer affairs programme – Rip-Off Britain – which airs tomorrow says that a family had no seats on a flight back from Mahon in Menorca to Birmingham.

The BBC released the story on its website yesterday as other mainstream media published the story.

It appears that a family had allotted seats on a TUI flight but found when boarding the plane that the seats didn’t exist. As the plane was almost full, some of the family sat in crew seats for take-off and landing but claim that they sat on the floor for some of the journey.

This event took place last June and raises some serious questions not the least of which is why it has taken  seven months for it to become known especially since there are pictures of the family on the flight. It should have been reported at the time and TUI would have had a duty to resolve the situation.

The second question is why the passengers were allowed to board if the seats didn’t exist. The gate should have been aware that those seats didn’t exist and if they didn’t – which seems to be the case – then the passengers should have been off-loaded.

The third question concerns the provision of seats to passengers. If there were no seats then the airline should have put the family on the next flight (after having agreed appropriate compensation) and they certainly should not have used crew seats to try and resolve the problem. The only possible way around this that I can see is if the cabin crew came to a private arrangement with the family to get them back on that flight but does that seem likely.

No wonder the CAAS is said to be investigating although there is still no posting on either the CAA or the TUI websites that this is happening.

This strange story may have more to it than meets the eye.

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