Cyprus has its first tourism minister

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Savvas Perdios – Deputy Minister for Tourism

On Wednesday, Savvas Perdios was sworn in as the very first tourism minister that Cyprus has ever had. At the same time the Cyprus Tourism Organisation which has been promoting the country around the world for decades ceased to be and the new tourism ministry took over, Perdios is a deputy minister but the UK tourism minister is even lowlier as just a parliamentary under secretary!

Will it mean anything different for visiting tourists?

The website has altered only superficially and most visitors to the Visit Cyprus site won’t notice the difference. There will be no change to other tourism offerings either. Where the change might be is in the political arena. It will be discussed a little more perhaps and politicians may ty to exert more control. If there is one thing we know worldwide about politicians is that they like “to do things” or, to put it another way, interfere!

Aphrodite Rock in Cyprus

the Aphrodite Rock in Cyprus – a must for tourists to see

In this case it might be a good idea because Perdios comes from a travel background. His last job was as chief operating officer of Louis Hotels which has sixteen hotels on Cyprus and nine in the Greek islands. Two of those hotels are operated using the TUI name so many Britons will be familiar with the group. Trained at the well-regarded Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne in Switzerland (and the University of Warwick) he is foremost a hotelier and with his father being the chief executive of Louis Hotels I cannot imagine that he will not bat hard for the tourism industry. That is quite unlike tourism ministers in Europe who largely are non-tourism or travel specialists ansd see tourism only as a stepping stone to other portfolios.

A fraction under a third of all international visitors is British but tourism as a whole is a substantial driver of the Cypriot economy. For January to November last year, tourist visitor numbers were 3.832.062, compared to 3.553.149 in the same period of 2017, a rise of 7.8% over the same time the year before and a new record. But British numbers were 2.4% down

As Perdios gets to grips with Brexit and the implications of what that might mean for future British tourist arrivals few will envy him his job over the next few years.


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