Bringing in the new year in Rio

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Bringing in the new year in Rio. Image © Riotur

Over the last twenty years or so, different cities around the world have competed in an unannounced competition to see which can put on the greatest new year’s eve extravaganza.

Sydney always puts on a huge show with fireworks lighting up the harbour Bridge, Opera House and the surrounding area. New York brings in the new year by watching a large crystal ball drop in Times Square and London celebrates with fireworks along the embankment.

But in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, the new year is brought in by what is claimed to be the biggest outdoor party in the world on Copacabana Beach. In addition to ten hours of concerts the end of the year is heralded with fourteen minutes of fireworks.

That lame description doesn’t do any justice at all to the part atmosphere that will exist tonight.

Tonight’s theme will be “New Year’s Eve in Rio, where being a Carioca is natural,” will pay homage to those who were born in the city and those who have chosen Rio as their home. In the sky, the fireworks sequences has a highlight of a large waterfall, formed by golden and white fireworks that will be lit slowly. This year, 3D images were ordered exclusively for the party in Copacabana, which will also have the traditional hearts, happy faces and the planet Saturn. In all, there will be ten fireworks rafts.

But it isn’t only at Copacabana Beach that there will be celebrations. Eight other neighbourhoods will also host official shows: Flamengo, Guaratiba, Ilha do Governador, Ilha de Paquetá, Madureira, Penha, Ramos and Sepetiba. The biggest party should be the one on Flamengo beach, which received 400,000 people on New Year’s Eve 2018, and will also have fireworks at midnight on three rafts in Guanabara Bay. In Barra da Tijuca, 12 hotels havecombined to have synchronized fireworks lasting up to 14 minutes.

For most of us, the excitement of seeing in the new year will be either at our own parties or by watching as the television stations follow one new year’s celebration after another as midnight arrives in each time zone. One of the last celebrations will that of Rio but it will also be one of the best.


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