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If Brexit has no effect, tenerife should be as popular as ever

As we begin the first of our stories about what the industry “experts” are telling us about where we should holiday next year, one rather important event hangs over the predictions. Brexit. Will this put us off holidaying in EU countries, will it steer us to nearby non EU countries like destinations in North Africa, Switzerland and Norway or will it play no part?

What people tell you now may not be what they ultimately decide to do. We just don’t know what we will do until it becomes clear what impact Brexit will have on travel.

According to a survey undertaken by the online travel agency, On the Beach, Brexit will have no impact on 2019 holiday plans for most of us. It cites the research as showing that 80% of us will happily go abroad on March 29, the day the UK officially leaves the EU.

It goes on say that 50% will not let Brexit impact their holiday plans, and 86% plan to take the same number of holidays abroad or more in 2019 as they did in 2018. Almost a third (32%) plan on taking more foreign holidays next year with 54% intent on enjoying the same number of holidays abroad. Only 14% of Brits expect to take fewer foreign holidays next year. Millennials are most likely to enjoy more foreign holidays next year, with over half (56%) of 16-24-year olds saying they will increase the number of breaks they take outside of the UK.

83% stated that they would happily holiday abroad on Brexit day (March 29). Over a quarter (26%) will increase their holiday spend in 2019, while 40% will budget the same as they did during 2018 and 33% plan on spending less.
Once again the research confirmed what many studies have said over the years which is that holidays feature high on Britons’ list of spending priorities and is one of the last things that they would be willing to give up. Meals out topped the list of items people would be willing to forego (38%), followed by nights on the town (35%).

Almost a quarter (23%) would happily sacrifice leisure activities, such as nights at the cinema or theatre, before giving up on their week in the sun. According to the research, Brits would also be willing to relinquish other major items, such as a new car (25%) and home improvements (20%).

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