Cardiff Airport trials new scanners

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the old scanners might be replaced by the new system

Today is the second day of a new passenger scanner at Cardiff Airport.

The majority of us accept the need to scan passengers in order to identify any items which may be taken through for violent and terrorist purposes. What we don’t like is the amount of time it takes to go through security since, on many occasions, that queue can be longer than those at check-in.

But this new scanner that is being tested over just four days may reduce those queues and be a more thorough scanner than those already in use.

Developed by Cardiff University and Sequestim, the walk-through scanner uses space technology to image human body heat. It uses the human body as a source of “light”, in contrast with existing scanners which process reflected and scattered millimetre-waves while the passenger is required to strike a pose.” That means it screens people on the move and you don’t have to stop or raise your hands above your head in one of those transparent cylinder cubicles. The developers claim that the system only needs a few seconds to do its work. Passengers walking normally through security would no longer need to take off coats and jackets, or remove personal items such as phones.

Because of that queues should shrink  – if the test proves successful and the technology is rolled out.

The success of the trial could have other important possibilities in the travel world. Hotels could install the system to replace the metal detector checks that they have and remove the need to empty your pockets before entering the existing security systems. It would remove the need for similar checks when boarding cruise ships or entering some attractions.
And as it means that people don’t have to slow down or stop it could introduce a new level of security at some locations generally considered to be potential targets such as railway or underground stations.

Now all we need to do is wait for the results and see how successful this new system is.

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