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Britain’s largest celebration of Japanese culture takes place this coming weekend. From the 16th until the 18th of November, Hyper Japan Winter 2018 is being held at Olympia in London.

Hundreds of exhibitors will be on hand to bring you what is claimed to be the best of Japan. From food, art, music and fashion to award-winning anime, the latest high-tech gadgets and cosplay. The idea is to bring together as many aspects of Japanese culture as possible.

There will be pop-up performances, (with which you can join in) stage shows, calligraphy demonstrations, Japanese punk-rock as well as glimpses of Japanese fashion which often combines western and Japanese influences. Japanese artist Sankei Amo will recreate her famed ‘Japan Blue’ handmade ‘Washi’ paper on Friday and Sunday

On the food side, there will be all sorts of Japanese bites and beverages to enjoy – classic dishes like tako-yaki, old favourites like dorayaki, fresh-from-the-chef katsu curries, even Japanese-style macarons. And what celebration of Japan would be complete without sake and Japanese whisky which is an ever expanding drink not just in the country but world-wide. There will also be liqueurs and craft beers

There is also the ‘Pride of Japan’, an exhibition and, oddly as it might seem to many, an auction representing more than 3,000 years of Japanese heritage. The auction will have artworks, sculptures, original designs and world-class products, all sourced from Japan.

Many people when thinking about Japanese gardening first think of bonsai trees. This year you will see something different! Utaniwa Collabo will present a mash-up of opera and gardening. The melodies of classical opera (sung by soprano Marina Okamoto) will accompany gardener Fuyuki Tabata as he transforms the surrounding scenery to the beat of opera music. You won’t find that at the Royal Opera House anytime soon nor even at the Chelsea Flower Show!

For fans of anime there will be twenty anime films from the CG Anime Contest – the longest running competition touting the best of Japanese independent films. Ten films each will be playing on Saturday and Sunday, selected from finalists through the years.

Needless to say the main purpose of Hyper Japan is to promote Japan itself in the hope that you will consider holidaying there. There will be of travel agencies, government tourism boards and tourism service providers will fill you in on travelling to various destinations within the country, together with travel-related presentations and a travel media event.

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