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Michael Palin

Did Mr Palin start the celebrity travel show?

According to research by World Travel Market, (the big travel trade event in London this week) more than three million of us booked a holiday after being influenced by a television programme.

Now before you think that is a lot of people (which it is) it actually equates to just 7% of us. Looked in that light it isn’t a very high number and is a considerable drop in the sort of figures that used to be seen thirty years ago when television viewing figures were very much higher.

Does it tell us that the oower of television is waning? Does it mean that the television trav el related programmes of the last year haven’t been so good? Could it be that the presenters don’t have the same appeal as ones of many years ago ahead? Has it anything to do with their being fewer mainstream travel programmes since the BBC’s Travel Show appears only on the News Channel and gone are shows like Holiday?

Whatever the answer – and WTM research doesn’t say another about the cause.

Nonetheless here million people is a considerable number and explains how powerful television can be when there is a ratings winner. Although Game of Thrones only appears principally on Sky, it has been enough to attract people to Northern Ireland to see where some of the tv series was filmed.

The scandi-noir detective series like The Bridge have encouraged visits to Denmark and Sweden but are the new programmes as appealing as the old? Michael Palin has a new series about North Korea a quite difficult country to enter. Will booking to that country show a significant increase after the series had been shown. The Shetland series penned by Ann Cleeves has encouraged visitors to the Shetland Islands but, again, that is a few years old.

Tourist authorities and destinations will be hoping that series in the pipeline can be just as persuasive.


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