Disgusting food has its own museum

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Why is Vegemite disgusting? And who says so?

To challenge people’s perceptions of food is one of the reasons for the opening of a new museum in Sweden say the organisers.

The Disgusting Food Museum only has eighty different items but would all of us find them disgusting?

Disgusting to one person isn’t the same to another. Take ox tongue as an example. I enjoy ox tongue sandwiches but my wife can’t abide even the thought of it let alone considering trying it. I feel the same away about tripe and coffee (not together – that would be too disgusting for words)

It is based in the southern city of Malmö in a building that once used to be a slaughterhouse, which seems an entirely appropriate place to have such a museum.

Here these eighty are on display but, if you like, you can attend a taster session and make your own judgement on the food. The cost? 300 krone per person which is about £25.50 or €29.

Inside the museum you can not only see the eighty chosen items but you get the chance to smell them as well. So if roasted guinea pigs from Peru, the Thai fruit durian, (said to smell like decaying flesh but extremely tasty if you can overcome the stench) bull penises and Icelandic hakarl.(shark) appeal then you should book a visit. There is also a local delight – surströmming, -sour herring – where the herring is barely salted for preservation so it is on the verge of rotting. The small is so off-putting that most surströmming, is eaten outside rather than inside a building!
One of the other foods is the well-known Australian favourite, Vegemite. Should that be considered disgusting? Millions of Australians wouldn’t just as millions of Britons would applaud Marmite whilst millions think it disgusting. Who decides what is disgusting and what isn’t?

Quite obviously the choices that have been made are purely subjective in the main meaning that what appeals to one person fails to ignite the taste buds in another.

Whilst I would certainly nominate coffee, there are millions who think the aroma and taste is gorgeous. Fried crickets and sheep’s eyes may not appeal to many but they are eaten around the world as in bush meat which in parts of Africa can mean anything available. Who is to say that in a hundred years, those living at the time might not nominate any meat to be disgusting?


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