Dealing with unruly passengers

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RyanairThe word “unruly” covers a multitude of subjects but most people would probably consider that it covers passengers who have been affected by drinking too much.

Can that apply to an incident that took place on a Ryanair plane last Friday?

A male, white passenger (describing him thus is appropriate in this case) was heard berating a black, female passenger on a flight from Stansted to Barcelona. Filmed by a passenger, the incident has been watch thousands of times on Facebook and Ryanair have reported the incident to Essex police.

Apparently the man became heated when the lady – who is also disabled – took longer than he thought she should to move allowing him to get into his seat.

Whilst the man is clearly out of line, there has been comment about Ryanair’s handling of the incident. Is this more than a hot temper? Should they have been firmer with him or firmer than the cabin crew member who asked him to calm down? The airline has been at the forefront with dealing with passengers the worse for drink but should the crew have done more in this case? The man wanted the passenger moved to another seat.

That the man lost his temper so quickly suggests that an anger management course might be one course of action. But to racially abuse her is going far to far and airlines should adopt a policy of not just reporting similarly acting passengers to the police and removing them from the plane.

Just as airlines have adopted a no-tolerance policy towards over-drinking and flying, the same attitude should be taken to this sort of behaviour.

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