Goodbye Club 18-30

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the brand as used on Club 18-30 tv.

It is with some sadness that I tell you that Thomas Cook has decided to close the Club 18-30 brand; sadness because for a number of years I was involved in the creation of customer satisfaction surveys for them as well as the analysis of the results. they were one of the few companies where we could be adventurous in the design of the survey and of the questions as well!

The company is closing the brand because it was unable to find a buyer. Perhaps it is fitting that the very last holiday on October 27th – which will probably be sold out – will be to Magaluf in Mallorca. Magaluf owes a large part of its reputation as a partying location to Club 18-30 and the types of clients it attracted.  By no means were they limited to that age group but the marketing from the seventies to the turn of the century emphasised that age group, the parties, the fun and the belief (most of the time) that a Club 18-30 holiday was almost a rite of passage!

Since the story broke last May that the company has been either looking for a buyer or else would close it down, there have been lots of stories about the impact the brand has had on the holiday industry. At one stage in the eighties and nineties you could ask anyone about Club 18-30 and they all knew of it and what its reputation was like. It was one of the few holiday brands where the holiday reps stayed for year after year, some even making it into higher management posts when they finally gave up their “repping” days and returned to the UK.

After the surveys had been analysed there was usually something that could be used as a press release. And the media always seemed to like any story about Cub 18-30 although, usually, a bad light was presented about the club and its bookers. As I wrote previously Club 18-30 survey responders tended to exaggerate about their possessions so drawing conclusions on the demographic make-up of who holidayed with club was challenging but always fun. It made good copy for the media when it was announced that something like Ford Capri owners were likely club members or that the person they would like to go on holiday with was the leading pop star of the day!

Maybe the times have changed. Maybe there is no place for Club 18-30 in today’s holiday world. That Thomas Cook felt that they couldn’t change what people thought of the brand was true. Or short-sighted. We’ll never know unless another company launches a travel company or brand with the same fun ethos that the club had.

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