Poás Volcano National Park re-opens

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Image © Costa Rica Tourism Board

Volcano parks have a fascinating attraction to visitors but they can be dangerous as well. In Hawaii on Big Island, the eruption of Mt Kilauea attracted visitors until it closed for upgrades to the safety and warning systems.

Much the same happened in Costa Rica where the Poás Volcano National Park has only reopened this past summer after being closed for sixteen months so additional safety features could be prepared.

The park was one of the biggest national and international tourist attractions until it was closed. Now the tourist authorities will be hoping that it reclaims that status after such a long closure.

The park covers 16,000 acres of nature in the province of Alajuela, just 30 miles north of the capital city of San José. The main volcano, 8,900-ft-high Poás, is one of the country’s six active volcanoes and it features an incredible crater lake near the summit. A variety of walking trails, surrounded by cloud forests the sound of hummingbirds, adds to the park’s appeal as an attraction.

Imge © Costa Rica Tourism Board

The new security and safety measures for visitors include the positioning of gas sensors with ‘live data’ throughout the park; the purchase of new equipment for visitors to use; and the building of five new shelters, amongst others. These measures have made the Poás Volcano the first National Park in Central America to have a risk management system in place. To coincide with the re-opening, the park has a new online system of ticket sales for a more controlled and organised access. Visitors will now be arranged in groups of up to 50 people and remain on the volcano’s lookout for a maximum period of 20 minutes.

For those holidaying in Costa Rica or planning a visit, visitor tickets to Poás Volcano National Park will cost from $15 which is about about £12.

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