Brexit overload

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Will we need passport stamps for visiting EU countries after Europe?

Is it just me or are readers a little tired of Brexit posturing?

With six months to go before the UK leaves the EU, the media this week have gone into overload about the subject. It isn’t just the BBC, ITV and Sky as well as the mainstream newspapers that have decided to bore us witless with yet more opinion pieces. CCN, France 24, Al Jazeera, Euronews, CGTN and probably others that I missed whilst flicking with my remote have all had stories about the subject.

As the negotiations are still continuing all that we hear is rumour, hearsay and leaked thoughts.

I am not saying that Brexit is unimportant but sometimes you feel as though you need a break. I think I am at that point.

Just as some countries ban political polls and campaigning within 48 hours of an election, I feel it might be better to have a news blackout on the situation until we know what the deal is.

For many in the travel industry the date for a decision has already past. Last July they decided on prices for summer 2019 and that will be published in their brochures. They contracted hotel accommodation for next year but will people decide to avoid EU countries if it is harder to get in and around the countries? Probably not but their may be a small drop and that may affect both tour operators and airlines.

ABTA joined in the conversation by sending its members advice on preparing for Brexit  as it relates to flights, possible use of visas and  other items. No advice from them for the public however.

The public – us – are still as much in the dark as everyone else and we will be until an agreement is signed or until all parties say there is no hope of a deal.

Most feel that some sort of deal will be fudged, It may not be like the Chequers suggestion which was dismissed by the political head of the EU, Donald Tusk, this afternoon.

Decisions about whether residents in the UK will need passports to enter Europe, what aerospace controls will be and, just as importantly, what requirements will be in place for European citizens to visit the UK are all yet to be concluded.

It all seems like one long drawn-out East Enders plot with everybody lurching from one mess to another with none of the cheery win-through attitudes. Come to think of it East Enders doesn’t have that either!

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