Visiting Salisbury Cathedral

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part of the facade of Salisbury cathedral that they might have enjoyed!

In television interviews, two Russians that seem connected to the dastardly Novichok attack on four people in Salisbury admitted that on their two day trip to the UK they visited Salisbury and Salisbury Cathedral in particular.

What else they did is for the security services to decide.

I am more interested in the fact that they visited the cathedral. And in the fact that they spent just about all of the time visiting the UK either in Salisbury or on the Waterloo to Salisbury train service.

Flying into London they stayed in a hotel in Bow and, each day, took the train to Salisbury which they described as containing a cathedral with a spire 123 metres tall and a clock, the first of its kind ever constructed and which was still in working order.

image of Stonehenge

Stonehenge – perhaps one of the most recognised sites in the world

Whether they visited or whether they just picked up this information by Googling it or looking it up on Wikipedia is not for me to say. But it would have been nicer for them to say a bit more about Salisbury or the cathedral (they didn’t mention it contains one of the few copies of Magna Carta, another fact they could have found by looking at Wikipedia) other than the other bland comments they made such as the city being “wonderful.” They say they visited Stonehenge and Old Sarum as well.

What their comments have done may have substantially helped Salisbury tourism. The interviews will have been shown around the world and some mainstream media might despatch journalists to visit the places mentioned.

After the events of this year anything that promotes Salisbury is welcome! If they can visit the cathedral why don’t you?



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