Travelling on the Glider

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The “Glider” Image © Translink NI

Last week the Glider began operating in Belfast.

It is a £90 million public transport system to encourage people and visitors to use public transport.

Imagine a bendy bus but with many more seats and priority access at junctions and traffic lights and you have a pretty good idea of what is on offer.

Not only is the glider service an appeal to locals to use public transport for environmental and practical reasons the service is integrated with the existing Translink bus and rail. The authorities also hope that it will also improve the city’s image and help to open up new development opportunities along its routes. By that it also means that it hopes tourists will expand their sightseeing out of just central Belfast and see some of the sights the suburbs have to offer.

It runs across the city , replacing two routes but making it easy to get from east to west and vice versa.

The Eco Hybrid vehicles will help improve air quality in the city and can each carry up to 105 passengers, whilst providing passengers with free Wi-Fi and USB charging facilities. The new off-board ticketing system should mean faster journeys.

That the biggest pay-to-see tourist attraction- the Titanic Quarter – is on the route means that visitors can get more easily from their central hotels out to the attraction and in a faster time as well.

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