Wintering in the Balearics

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Es Calo bay on the Balearic island of Formentera

Es Calo on Formentera, © Agència de Turisme de les Illes Balears

That the Balearic islands – principally Formentera, Ibiza, Menorca and Mallorca – are popular holiday spots for the British will surprise no-one. That they are attracting double digit growth might.

Why is this long-established holiday destination are they attracting so many of us?

About 2.4 million Britons holiday in the Balearics each year but most holidays are taken outside winter. It is the same with the Germans who make up the largest number of international visitors to the islands with Britons being the second largest group.

With the launch of the “Better in Winter” campaign which started a while ago it looks as though the Balearics have succeeded in making us consider the islands as winter holiday and all-year round destinations.

Traditionally southern Spain, the Canaries, Florida and the Caribbean are winter sun destinations but there is no reason why the Balearics shouldn’t be considered along with those. Some of have already winter holidayed there but the campaign seems to have persuaded even more of us. That the Balearics are stable compared to some destinations; that they are family friendly with lots of sightseeing and beach possibilities as well must have all contributed to the success. And, since so many of us know the islands, it might have been an easier sell to entice us to winter holiday there.

Over the winter period, (November until the end of March 2018) there was a 24.9% increase in British visitors which, given the high popularity of the islands already, is quite a significant and surprising success. 146,841 UK visitors travelled to the Balearic Islands in the winter of 2017/2018, compared to 117,562 during the winter of 2016/2017.

The only thing to deter Britons from holidaying there this coming winter is the decline of the pound against the euro. (which will hit all euro holiday destinations.) Even Brexit will be unlikely to intervene since that won’t occur until the end of March.

The tourist authorities will be hoping for another busy British holiday visitor winter.


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