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There are plenty of beaches that may not be so crowded such as Watergate Bay beach. Image © Visit Cornwall

In an interview with BBC Radio Cornwall last week, the CEO of Visit Cornwall– Malcolm Bell- talked about having too many tourists visiting just two beaches.

You wouldn’t have thought that from the headlines in the media.

According to the Times, “Cornwall tourism chief tells visitors to stay off the beaches.”

The BBC website headlined the story as “Cornwall hit by ‘tourist overcrowding’ amid UK heatwave” and the travel trade publication, Travel Weekly, uttered, “Visit Cornwall chief urges visitors to stay away from county’s beaches.
If you just read the headlines, you would be forgiven for thinking that all beaches were overcrowded whereas the truth is that most aren’t. As I said, Bell talked about Porthcurno beach and Kynance Cove which Visit Cornwall has stopped promoting because of the strain on both the communities and the local resources. The organisation hasn’t stopped promoting Cornwall as a whole; it is trying to suggest visitors seek out other beaches that are less crowded and where local traders would welcome more business.

Some people must have missed that part of Bell’s conversation because there were comments about the oddity of a tourism officer saying “Don’t come,” which is to completely mis-hear what he said.

Nonetheless some are in a lather about it despite the fact that the BBC series, Poldark has proved as effective as the series from the 1970’s was in attracting visitors and that’s the problem. The series features Kynance Cove. Having seen how beautifully the BBC filmed it, holidaymakers have headed to the cove themselves to see what it is like.

If you decided to give Cornwall a miss this year because of overcrowding, think again. There are busy parts and there are overcrowded parts but there are plenty of places where you may not be the only person on the beach but you certainly won’t have to jockey for a square millimetre of sand

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