Ryanair pilots strike today

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Ryanair plane ascendingThe airline has been hit by regular strike action for a while now and whilst the airline might be suffering, so too are passengers.

The strikes affect crews in different countries

Starting with those in Germany, today’s strikes, according to Ryanair mean that 250 out of over 2,400 flights that have German based crews will be cancelled today. As less than two weeks’ notice was given by the union involved it seems that passengers will have no redress for compensation under EU261. The airline said on Wednesday that passengers would have the choice of a refund, a move to the next available flight or they could be re-routed to a nearby flight. That will apply to all strike affected flights regardless of which country you live.

What doesn’t seem to be on offer is a transfer to another airline where they are providing flights to the same destination from the same departure point. This happens quite frequently with more traditional airlines.

Dutch crew may also strike as they must give just twelve hours’ notice under Dutch law so although this is posted at 1am on Friday they could still walk out as from 13.00 hours our time.

Irish pilots have accepted mediation talks next week but will still strike again today as will Belgian and Swedish pilots.

Although no UK pilots are involved, flights to any of the destinations where strikes are scheduled may be affected. All affectted passengers should have been told of the cancellations by Wednesday evening according to the airline but that won’t cover any Dutch flights.

What rights do passengers who might be affected have?

It all depends according to how much notice Ryanair had of the strikes The CAA claims that if they knew more than two weeks in advance, compensation is due. Ryanair disagree. It says the strikes are out of its control but the EU court has judged in other cases that this is not so. It probably means that Ryanair will face court action and fight the cases all the way through the legal system which could and probably will take years.

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