Bogus sickness claims

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Just about Travel has mentioned on many occasions the attempts by the travel industry to weed out bogus claims.

We have given publicity to those cases where convictions have been obtained of people making bogus claims. Most have been heavily fined  and a few gaoled  in the hope that it will deter anyone from making a fraudulent claim.

According to a statement from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) the number of claims has fallen. But, with the peak holiday season well under way, this is the time when touts might come out of the woodwork and approach holidaymakers about making fraudulent claims. If that happens, they should be reported to your holiday company and the police.

The SRA is renewing a statement issued last year that solicitors shouldn’t act where they had no skill in an area; that they should verify the source of the client referral; (eg, was it from an authorised claims management company;) that they shouldn’t be making unreasonable requests for disclosure and that must advise clients about what would be expected of them when making a claim. If that happens, they should be reported to your holiday company and the police.

Given that some of the people so far convicted have demonstrated that are not the brightest in the world by posting themselves enjoying their holidays on social media only to find that this has been used in court to show that they were not ill, the SRA suggests solicitors vet applicants against social media to see if they are genuine claimants.

But both touts and those tempted to submit fraudulent claims might get cleverer. Until the government brings in legislation to limit the size of claims which will hopefully end the practice, we will continue to highlight those who are convicted and sentenced

The SRA currently has 18 cases under investigation involving solicitors and false holiday sickness claims. How many court cases about fraudulent claims are under way is not known.

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