One too many

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This is the name given to a campaign to persuade us not to drink too much before we fly. One Too Many is designed to remind us of the consequences of what will happen to passengers if they are disruptive. Not just gaol and fines are involved but being barred from flying could be a consequence.

Apparently one in 640,000 passengers is disruptive. That means out of the 270 million plus passengers that pass through our airports we are only likely to have about 420 passengers who will cause problems. But the impact those 420 can have is substantial.

Readers will be aware of the strong approaches taken by certain airlines to make it crystal clear to their passengers that drunken behaviour will not be tolerated. Some of them have adopted policies where drink is not served before 8am on scheduled flights to certain destinations like Ibiza.

The difference this time is the number of airports, airline organisations as well as IATA that have banded together to push home the message that drunken behaviour will be punished.

In the UK, the biggest airports bar one are all promoting this policy so that passengers will be unable not to notice it unless, I suppose, they are already too plastered to read. Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, East Midlands, Gatwick, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Southampton and Stansted will be actively supporting the message. That Heathrow  and London City are not amongst the ten may tell you one thing about drunken behaviour. It seems more prevalent amongst leisure flyers than business ones.

I am sure that other UK airports like the two in Belfast, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Doncaster-Sheffield, Edinburgh, Exeter, Heathrow, Leeds-Bradford, Liverpool, London City, Luton and Southend all support the campaign as well.

In addition, IATA, the Airports Operators Association, the UK Travel Retail Forum and Airlines UK support the campaign which means that it is about the most widespread and well supported campaign against drunken behaviour that there as ever been.

Not only does drunkenness make it unpleasant for other travellers, it can case planes to be diverted and at considerable expense. Offenders can and often will be charged for the costs incurred in being diverted.

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