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Having an expensive meal is the second most popular wish of responders

According to Bristol Airport, nearly half of work trips are more pleasure than business.

The airport commissioned a survey to see whether those travelling on business did actually retire the rooms for the end to prepare for meetings the following day or did they go out and enjoy themselves?

It appears that 60% of those surveyed use the opportunity to expand their horizons and visit new places. 90% of those who have to travel in connection with their work said that they enjoyed doing so.

And it looks as though business people are spending longer on their trips which may account for why they are combining business with tourism. According to Nigel Scott of the airport “Previously passengers would arrange business travel involving for one or two nights away. ‘But increasingly we are seeing passengers selecting three or more nights stays, in some cases this allows passengers the opportunity of relaxing and enjoying time in and around the destination they are visiting.”

The survey suggests that 60% of responders  looked on a business trip more like a leisure break than a job, with more than half inviting family, friends or both along to make their excursion more enjoyable. 54% will extend their time away by taking personal annual leave to reap the benefits of being sent abroad by their employer. And nearly 50% will use opportunity to visit friends or relatives in their international destination.

According to the survey, the top things that people will do on a business trip are:

1. Relax over drinks
2. Buy expensive meals (accountants will now taking a second look at expense claims!)
3. Sightseeing
4. Sampled local delicacies
5. Shopping
6. Ordered room service
7. Visited local bars/clubs
8. Tried a new experience like sailing, surfing, bungy jumping etc.
9. Met new people
10. Visited somewhere for a day out like a theme or water park
11. Met up with friends
12. Used the hotel pool
13. Went to the beach
14. Met up with family
15. Watched films
16. Visited a spa
17. Hired a car and driven to new sights
18. Visited a vineyard/brewery
19. Cycling adventure
20. went to a music gig

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