What is a Caipirinha?

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fruit Caipirinhas will be available to sample

Tomorrow the London Caipirinha Festival, opens for business.

What is a Caipirinha? It is Brazil’s signature cocktail and the aim of the festival is not just to introduce you to the cocktail but to Brazil as well. Held annually, the purpose is to promote Brazil as a tourist and cultural destination and profile the country as a “little-known treasure chest of culinary surprises.” You will also find similar festivals in Barcelona, Ibiza and Madrid in Spain as  well as Milan in Italy.

But the festival is also a competition meaning that it is the largest international Brazilian Cocktail and Gastronomy competition of its kind. Wouldn’t it be great if it had started on Tuesday when Brazil played Mexico in the World Cup. That would have been a party to attend!

Returning to the other competition – the Caipirinha one, the idea is that participating bars and restaurants compete for the title of “London’s Best Caipirinha” and “London’s Best Brazilian Food,” and there are other categories as well.

The entrants will be considered across a range of criteria, including the best caipirinha (original with lime, fruits and exotic), best bartender, best Brazilian food, and best service, to name just a few of the awards on offer. Votes are restricted to one per person per establishment and there will also be a range of prizes to encourage public participation. As well as the public vote, competing bars and restaurants will also be judged by a select group of informed critics and opinion makers. This panel’s vote will carry an equal weighting to the public vote, 50% each. The final results will be collated by the festival organisers and announced during a closing awards ceremony.

the festival runs until the 15th of July and you can participating restaurants by clicking here or visiting their website,  http://londoncaipirinhafestival.co.uk/bars-restaurants.



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