Watching whales off Massachusetts

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The tourist board in the US state of Massachusetts has developed a Massachusetts Whale Trail.

In some ways it is surprising that such as trail hasn’t existed up until now because the state has eleven breeds of whale cruising off its shoreline and some 800,000 people come to travel on whale-watching expeditions each year.

Whaling heritage is strong amongst the New England states and long before whales were looked on as a tourist opportunity, whalers would set out from ports up and down the North Atlantic coastline is search them as they provided oils, food and work for tens of thousands. Today it is the opportunity to see whales in their natural habitat that draws people to New England and particularly, Massachusetts.

The trail which has been developed links nearly 40 regions, sites, and experiences associated with whales covers an area stretching from Provincetown to Pittsfield. Pittsfield –although 230 miles away from coastal Provincetown – is included because this is where Herman Melville lived in a house called Arrowhead for a while. Melville, the writer of the whaling story that everybody knows , Moby Dick, knew from personal experience the life of the whalers. His house is one of many landmarks on the route and is integral to what the tourist board has named the Melville Trail.

Among the itineraries that visitors can follow a literary-enthusiasts track, exploring a route dedicated to Melville’s life and inspiration in Massachusetts, and another for family friendly adventurers, with whale watching tours and sites to experience marine life first hand. Sites along the trail will also be launching special promotions and packages in support of the trail, using the hashtag #whaletrailMA.

Other landmarks include the Seaman’s Bethel and Mariners’ Home in New Bedford, whale watching tours from Provincetown to Newburyport, museums like the Nantucket Historical Association Whaling Museum, and educational activities such as the SEA SPACE Marine Discovery Center in Provincetown.

One of the stops that visitors will certainly want to visit will be the New Bedford Whaling Museum which is dedicated to teaching about humankind’s interaction with whales throughout history, as well as teaching about the world of whales today.

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