Fire at EuropaPark

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the fire as shown on EuropaPark’s Twitter account

Yesterday a large fire broke out at the family owned EuropaPark in south-west Germany. Batavia and Norway were destroyed according to family member, Michael Mack and the Scandinavia and Netherlands sections of the park were closed when it re-opened today.

As of this morning the following rides were not operating: Koffiekopjes, Pirates in Batavia, Jungle rafting, Fjord rafting, the Journey To Rulantica, the ball pool and the children’s musical. (a daily feature.) Seven restaurants were also closed although the theme park hoped to open more rides and restaurants as soon as possible.

For those who haven’t been (and more and more Britons are visiting EuropaPark as an alternative to Eurodisney) the attraction is broken down into eighteen themed areas which include areas such as Grimm’s Enchanted Forest, England and Ireland – Children’s World.

EuropaPark is the second most visited theme park in Europe after Disneyland attracting some 5.6 million people and visitor numbers have been steadily rising. Because of its location it attracts visitors from Germany, France, eastern Netherlands and eastern Belgium each day with visitors from further afield making longer visits and staying in the hoetls within the theme park or nearby.

Mack thanked staff for the work in helping to put out the fires but nonetheless, it must have been pretty serious as firefighters from Karlsruhe and Freiburg attended as well. In the peak of summer, 60,000 people can be in the park but, yesterday, there were 25,000, still a large number to advise when a fire breaks out.

Those with coach trips or holidays booked at EuropaPark should have no problems with their bookings.

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