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Tatse My Swiss City. Dario Hitz in the brewery Altes Tramdepot in Bern. Copyright Switzerland Tourism /Ivo Scholz

Switzerland Tourism has launched ‘Taste my Swiss City,’ a set of culinary tours in eleven cities, easily bookable online. What makes these tours a little different is that they haven’t been devised by internationally renowned chefs of even famous Swiss restaurants.

They have been compiled by locals in each of the eleven areas and respond to an identified need to provide local tours via the eyes and knowledge of locals.

For example, Daniela from Ascona has a favorite Gelateria named ‘La Preferita’ which is located in a small side street. There are 40 varieties of ice-cream to choose from – all homemade. For many years, the small shop has been a go to for locals. Now every visitor can enjoy the opportunity to taste these ice-creams.

The tours came about because research amongst international traveller to Switzerland suggested that the third most wanted guest experience was to try regional cuisine and specialties.

Sometimes it is not just about the food. At an in-house bistro at the ‘Skills Park’ in Winterthur Katja can watch the skateboarders and BMX riders doing their tricks while enjoying her coffee. In Neuchâtel, the Boulangerie Mäder is one stop on the food tour and a place where the quality of their freshly baked bread is hard to beat. Ludmilla from Lugano says the risotto in the cozy Ristorante Soave 10 is of such a quality that everyone should try it.

People like Ludmilla, Guillaume, Katja and Daniela have put together up to seven restaurants, bars, bistros or cafés in their cities for a culinary city tour. These experiences are authentic and allow discoveries and insights into the life of the locals. For the first time such tours will be presented nationwide for all of Switzerland on an online platform.

Tickets (they cost between 60 and 130 Swiss francs) for each tour which takes about two hours can be booked online as of 8 May 2018 via MySwitzerland.com/tastemyswisscity Guests receive a ticket and description how to find the stops of the tour. On presentation of a ticket the guest is served a tasting snack or a drink at each stop. In the end, the guest will have consumed food and drinks roughly the size of a tasting menu while discovering unusual places moving through the city.

The eleven participating cities are Based, Bellinzona, Bern, Locarno/Ascona, Lugano, Luzern, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Lausanne, Neuchâtel, Vevey/Montreux and Winterthur


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