The moaners are out

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Bournemouth beach

Bournemouth wase one of the beach resorts that saw thousands of bank holiday visitors

The weather is sunny for about 90% of us in the UK today. Not only that but it is hot – not warm but hot. How can this possibly be a bank holiday weekend?

We just aren’t used it. Bank holiday weekends are supposed to be wet or cold or both They are days we can practice the national sport of weather moaning so to have a warm one is bad enough. To have one that is setting records for the highest temperature for an early bank May holiday is the limit.

But lest you think that all is wrong with the world, I bring you news!

The moaning didn’t cease. Media commentators and some roadside organisations warned of traffic jams leading to resorts like Barry Island, Bournemouth, Brighton, Margate and Tenby. It was the hottest May day in Edinburgh for forty years. Attractions like Thorpe Park and Alton Towers could be expected to be busy so drivers were warned about queues exiting motorways. The same organisations warned of heavy trafffic as people returned to their homes this evening.

Newspapers helped restore the true feeling of bank holiday cheer by pointing out that the weather can’t last. In the Daily Post circulating in North Wales, the headline was “This town will be one of the hottest in Wales today – but prepare to wave goodbye to sunny weather.” Railway companies abetted that feeling. Southern advised passengers not to travel because the trains would be busy. Southern ought to warn passengers not to travel on Southern because it is Southern! But then how else do you travel by train in Sussex? The answer is the Bluebell Railway, an ideal way to spend a bank holiday as so many people found at heritage railways up and down our countries.

But the moaners were defeated by the weather. By afternoon the temperature reached 28.7 at RAF Northolt according to the Met Office but none of us could enjoy it – unless you were a member of the RAF stationed there – so the moaners had something to complain about!

Maybe the other bank holiday in May will cheer the moaners up by being dank, cool and wet. But I’ll remember the day that a bank holiday was what it was supposed to be – a great day to get out and enjoy our countries.

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