TUI says “Draw your holiday.”

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a drawing of the beach will help you remember your holiday better © Dan Sperrin

If you travel with TUI to Rhodes or another of their Sensatori resorts this year then don’t be surprised if the rep turns around to you and invites you to draw the different experiences you have had on your holiday.  Yes, draw. You might have thought they were inviting you to join one of the groups for kids but no, they are serious.

Ever ready to explore something new, the company has decided that providing pen (or crayons or something) and paper is the best way to help your record your holiday fun.

It appears that they have hired some advisors and they have told the company that drawing what you have seen is a better way than snapping away with your mobile or a camera and is the best way to make your holiday a lasting memory. All that urging us to tweet, post on Facebook and place images on Instagram, Flickr YouTube and the rest is all a mistake. Old fashioned drawing is the answer for a memorable holiday.

Here is the scientific stuff behind the thought process. Experimental psychologist Professor Charles Spence, in collaboration with artist Philippa visited a TUI resort in Negril to explore how sketching can help engage all five senses and help retain ‘wow’ holiday memories (the company’s words) for longer.

and your fishing memories will be enhanced by a drawing! © Dan Sperrin

They say only one sense – sight – is stimulated when taking a photo and at most two – sight and hearing – are triggered when filming something.  But drawing activates up to three senses, including sight, touch, sound as well as proprioception (or position sense), enables the brain to solidify the memory.

This is what people like J.M.W. Turner, the Reverend John Petit and others in Georgian and Victorian times decided to do before the camera was invented. Sketch books would be taken out as they travelled through Europe and landscapes would be sketched as they moved from place to place. The Grand Tour  and continental visits by painters and the wealthy has provided us with some of the greatest paintings and heritage items in our historic houses.

Not that TUI expects you to go that far!

Is this any more than a gimmick? It doesn’t really matter if it gets TUI publicity and you enjoy your holiday more.

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