Ending bogus holiday sickness claims

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Rory Stewart from the Department of Justice who announced the rules this morning

The government says that holiday sickness fraudsters have been dealt a significant blow after new rules to bring pay-outs under control were given the go-ahead.

The new rules were announced this morning and fix the legal costs that can be claimed in package holiday sickness claims. What those limits are is likely to be announced next week.

No date has been set for the introduction of the rules but it will be before the start of the summer holidays season.

As readers will be aware there has been a rise in fraudulent sickness claims and some court actions by tour operators like TUI, Thomas Cook and Red Sea Holidays as well as hotel chains have seen claimants pay over substantial sums when found guilty. Representatives, linked to claims agents, have been touting for business in some of the more popular holiday resorts and they have been monitored by local police and by staff working for some major holiday companies. The new rules should put a break on spurious claims but not entirely end it because there will always be someone that will try.

Following the work by the Solicitors Regulation Board to remind solicitors of their responsibilities and the actions by tour operators and ABTA, the number of claims has dropped. One firm of solicitors dropped 1,500 cases. But if you geninely did suffer from gastric problems do claim but expect to be quizzed more thoroughly than you might have been a year ago. Have douments available to show that you sought medical assistance and keep a record of any costs.

For the fraudulently minded though, maybe the government’s decision will put a stop to this crime.

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