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River cruising is popular and one reason why more Brits are holidaying in Germany

Ask your average holidaymaker which are the top ten countries that Britons like to holiday in and Spain would probably come top of the list. As for the other nine; I doubt whether many would name Germany. Yet Germany is becoming  more and more popular as a holiday destination for Britons.

In January this year, there was yet another increase in the number of Brits staying overnight in Germany. With 326,836 overnight stays from Britons in January this year, the UK moves into second position worldwide of the most important source markets for Germany, ahead of the USA, Switzerland, Italy and France.  Ireland also performed extremely strongly for January, with a total number of overnights of 37,742 representing a 14.1% increase in overnight stays compared to January last year.

Germany’s growth as a travel destination has continued to exceed the global average since 2010 says the German National Tourism Organization. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) report issued earlier this year, Germany has retained its position as Europe’s largest Travel & Tourism economy. With a contribution of €348.1 billion to the country’s economy in 2017, this was way ahead of the amount that tourism contributes to the economies of the UK, France, Italy and Spain! Travel & Tourism employs more people in Germany than vehicle manufacturing, banking, chemicals and financial services

At the end of last year when forecasts about holiday growth were made, many people tipped Germany to continue to see growth in 2018 and looking at the very first indicator for the year it looks as though that growth rate will be substantial this year as well.

Why the growth?

Bratwurstkreisel – a wooden sculpture of bratwurst that celebrates food and heritage! This attraction is the state of Thuringia near Holzhausen

One reason has to be the heritage tourism possibilities that Germany provides. If you think that the UK and Ireland had castles, Germany numbers them in thousands. Another is that Germany has river cruising opportunities and river cruising is one of the fastest growing tourism areas. It is also helped by the direct connections to large cities that have been introduced in the last few years. No longer do you have to go to Heathrow to get to places like Berlin, Dusseldorf, Munich, Leipzig, Nuremberg, Bremen or Stuttgart.

Like many countries, Germany has taken a thematic view to a yearly promotion and this year it is promoting the country as a destination for foodies. Germany has more than 300 restaurants with one or more Michelin stars and eating out contributes €6.7billion per year towards the German economy.

Will they be able to persuade us that we should regard Germany as a culinary tourism destination in the futur? Given the success of their promotions so far I wouldn’t bet against it.


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