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seats from terminal 1. I could buy them to remind me of how uncomftable they were to sleep on!

There is said to be excitement about the auctioning of furniture, signage and everything else at Heathrow’s terminal one. There probably isn’t actually. I just made that up.

A company called Global Partners is flogging off the fixtures and fittings. You can make an offer now for the souvenir that you want.

Image a yellow coloured neon sign outside your home saying Terminal One? Maybe not. Perhaps you would prefer the huge sign saying the same thing which is affixed to the building? How about a check-in desk as a reminder of those long-gone days when hours were spent queuing up. Or even a dozen of them so you can start a themed check-in desk restaurant?

In all there are 617 lots available for purchase and you can see the full catalogue by clicking here.
I am spoilt for choice. Should I opt for a dual security check desk (used by passport control) with four glass panel partitions, a single glass divider and with a double shelf? Imagine what a greenhouse that would make. Neighbours would be so envious at me having something so very different from the normal aluminium and glass structures. But it will need a roof so maybe something else would be better.

Or should I buy my own passenger scanner make an interesting back door porch?

I could have my own passenger body scanner. That would make an interesting porch for our house back door. (I don’t think I would be allowed it at the front door)

How about a Departures Gate sign to to stand in our lounge that you can switch on when you want to get rid of tiresome relatives or neighbours? Or a printed glass panel showing St Paul’s Cathedral or the Oxo Tower or the Elizabeth Tower that houses Big Ben. You could use it as alternative to a blank shower cubicle screen? That is providing your shower was three metres high! How about a row of seats to remind you how uncomfortable they were when when you tried to get a few hour’s sleep?

I’ve mentally decided not to go for the baggage caousels or the lifts or even the escalators. They are all just a tiny bit too big for our home. I think I have decided on the Star Alliance first class lounge. It will save me building an extension on the house!

PS: The auction is on the 21st of April.



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