Are we a bunch of scroungers?

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have you ever tried to blag an airline upgrade. This is MAS First Class!

Some research from  hotelscan which compares prices for different types of holiday accommodation not just hotels, suggests that many of us lie in order to try and get airline upgrades, better rooms and other perks.

The survey polled 2,432 people aged 18 and over from around the UK, all of whom stated that they been to stay in a hotel at least once in the past year, whether that be in the UK or abroad.

It claims that a third of us when asked if we had ever lied to try and get “free stuff/upgrades” said yes. At least that means that two thirds of us have been honest!

But what is it that the third are trying to get? The top five are

A hotel upgrade – 43%

A flight upgrade – 37%

Free champagne/prosecco – 34%

Free spa treatments – 29%

Free food – 24%.

To try and get these perks the three top lies told were

it’s my anniversary’  -39%,

‘it’s my honeymoon’  -22%

‘it’s my birthday’ -17%

But do these ploys work?

Over half of those polled – 53% – said their lies hadn’t worked. In 38% of cases those asking were told by staff that there was nothing they could do and 37% were told that the staff didn’t have the capacity to upgrade.

But to show you that fairness still exists, all respondents were asked if they had ever received a freebie or upgrade without having to lie. Just under half of all those polled said that they had. Almost all of those (81%) had received a complimentary room upgrade at their hotel.

Does that prove that it is not right to lie?

And before you ask, yes I have asked for upgrades on my travels and no – to the best of my memory – I didn’t lie. Mind you, I wasn’t very successful either!

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