APD rises

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APD affects incoming visitors not just outgoing ones

Just as January signals the fact that rail fares go up so April indicates a rise in Air Passenger Duty.

The majority of holidaymakers and travellers will not have to pay an increase because they will be travelling less than 2,000 miles. Below that figure – considered to be short haul – there will be no increase from the existing rate of £13. Even if you travel in a class above the cheapest (calculated as where the seat pitch is greater than 40 inches) than economy you will still pay £26, the same price as it is now.

If you travel greater than 2,000 miles – and this includes nearby countries such as Egypt and Turkey – you will have to pay an increase of £3 to £78 where the seat pitch is below 40 inches and a £6 rise to £156 per passenger if you fly where the seat pitch is greater than 40 inches (generally business or first class. Be aware that a very few premium economy seats have a seat pitch greater than 40 inches.

Yesterday, when the tax increases (yes the government choses April Fool’s day rather than the start of the financial year as when increases come into force which rather smacks of them thumbing their noses at the rest of us) there wasn’t the usual moan from the travel industry. Perhaps they have finally admitted to themselves that whilst traveller numbers continue to rise, people might moan but they aren’t going to curtail the travel and holidays.

Calling on the government to end this tax – a regular cry form ABTA, Willie Walsh and Michael O’Leary – will have no effect whilst so much money is being raised. Even now that the tax has been devolved to the Scottish government and despite manifesto commitments, the government there has yet to reduce their equivalent of APD called ADT. Their proposed reduction has been deferred for a year until 2019.

We’ll just have to grin and pay it a bit longer.

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