Business flyers and tourism

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what will be available in the future for the bleisurists? © Dan Sperrin

It is unusual to see reports of the impact of business people on tourism. Many think of business people as flying in for appointments in hotels and offices and flying straight back again.

For day return business people that is often the case but for those who fly in the night before and leave the following day there is some time to explore the destination they are in.

Consequently it may surprise some readers that, according to the global travel management company, Egencia, in its 2018 Bleisure Trends study that a fifth of overall business travellers don’t add leisure outings to their trips fearing that employers may look askance at it particularly if the trip is close to a weekend. Amongst travellers coming from Asia the figure is even higher at 32% suggesting that the work ethic is deeply ingrained.

But bleisure travel seems to be on the increase. Egencua says that the research suggests that 68% of Europeans business people are looking to add a bleisure option to their travel plans in 2018.

But what do business people want to see when they have a few hours free?

According to the research they want to do similar activities to the rest of us with sightseeing being one of the most important things they wish to undertake.

But sightseeing only occurs in conjunction with the choice of destination, presumably meaning that business people are less likely to become tourists if they feel the destination they are sent to is unappealing!

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