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The news that Hull attracted just 20% of visitors from the rest of the UK during the year when it was the UK City of Culture is disappointing. This is always assuming that counting domestic visitors was possible and accurate. If there are flaws in the counting system then the 20% figure quoted in the report could be incorrect. If the figure is correct then it looks as though most of the visitor increase was by those coming from overseas

Given the tremendous publicity the city received in the mainstream media and the travel articles pointing out the number of sites and events happening why didn’t more of us go there?

Was it because we felt that we could travel there any time and it would be best to avoid the crowds in what would obviously be a busy year for the city? Was it because we took little notice of the travel stories and other features about the city? Was it because we had decided in our own minds that we couldn’t be bothered?

Whatever the reason it appears that the main beneficiaries of the year were the locals themselves and overseas visitors and whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong in that it would be helpful to know where all the Britons went instead of to Hull.

The report on the year claims that the city attracted an audience of more than five million, £220m of investment and 800 new jobs. The question now should be whether those jobs were just transient ones or will they stay; will visitor levels drop now the year is over or whether it can continue attracting visitors as Liverpool has so successfully managed to do over the last few decades.

Before Coventry takes up the mantle of UK City of Culture in 2021, it would be useful if the authors of the report, the University of Hull’s Culture, Place and Policy Institute could find out why so few of us from the home nations didn’t visit or whether it was just too difficult to count domestic visitors.

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