This is “Scottish Tourism Month”

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Every other part of Great Britain has a tourism week. England’s is next week and Wales have theirs in May. Northern Ireland doesn’t appear to have one probably arguing that every week should be a tourism promotion one.

Scotland is different. It has a whole month!

Is it because, “The aim of the event is to engage, connect and inspire all of Scotland’s tourism businesses and organisations, and of course to celebrate the enormous contribution of our tourism industry to Scotland’s economy.” But that doesn’t explain why it should be a whole month when a week was previously enough.

The trade body also says that tourism is everybody’s business.

The answer probably is that, regardless of what tourist boards might say, tourism weeks/months are primarily for the industry to chat to other people in the industry as well as those people called decision-makers – politicians, lobbyists and each other. I find that few items of news or stories are issued to stimulate interest amongst us holidaymakers. Having said that Visit England has just sent me a press release (the second from them) outlining some discounts that will be available to visitors like you and me.

The Scottish offering seems to be all about the travel trade. There are a number of conferences and “get togethers” for one tourism or travel person to talk to another but little in the way of promotions to us, the providers of their salaries and jobs. Shouldn’t we deserve to get something out of an event called a tourism month?  Shouldn’t we be involved as, without us, tourism would decline and to repeat the trade’s strapline, tourism is everybody’s business?

Where are the offers, the discounts, the news-stories pointing out places to visit? Why couldn’t Historic Environment Scotland have a free entry day like they do on St Andrew’s Day in November? Why couldn’t some bus services or train services be free on one day to encourage us to visit places we might otherwise not consider.  Why not have a restaurant week with fixed price menus as part of the month?How about a focus on one particular region during part of the month with each region getting the pubicity every few years?

Scottish Tourism Month just seems a handy title to hang a number of trade meetings around and nothing more.

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