Cheaper Atlantic flights?

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BA will compete with Norwegian and Wow Air

Norwegian and Wow Air have been providing cheaper flights to the USA for a while. Now BA, American, Iberia and Finnair are set to join in.

It seems that the success of Norwegian and Wow Air has rattled one of the big traditional airline groups. Why else would they announce that they are going to introduce no-frills ticket prices on some of their flights. The decision must have been made before Norwegian’s announcement of increase capacity on some routes this week so IAG (the holding company for BA and Iberia), American and Finnair must have been discussing this for some time previously probably because all are members of the oneworld alliance.

The move may also have been prompted by the American airline, Delta, because it announced that it was going to introduce a basic fare on some of its routes.

And now that they have announced their hand, will members of Skyteam (Delta is a member) and Star Alliance follow suit and try to reclaim some of the passengers taken by Norwegian and Wow Air?

For passengers this could be good news. I say “could” because it depends on how the eventual pricing for add-ons works out. It is difficult for many to spend a week in the US with only a 7 or 10kilo hand baggage allowance so the additional price for hold luggage under this new pricing structure may be an issue. Since no flight prices have been announced – that will come later – we don’t know how inexpensive the tickets might be,

The fares will be called ‘Basic’ on AA, BA and Iberia, and Light’ on Finnair flights.

The only airline to issue much information is American and all they have said is that basic fare buyers holders will get main cabin seating and the same snacks or meals as other economy flyers but they will pay for hold luggage.

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