Ryanair’s Scottish logic

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Ryanair plane ascendingYesterday it was announced that Ryanair was pulling the vast majority of its flights from Glasgow Airport. Instead of there being 23 flights from the airport there would be just three – to Dublin, Wroclaw and Krakow.

The reason behind this cutback was because the Scottish government had failed, according to the airline’s David O’Brien, was the cost of air passenger duty and then he went on to say – rather insultingly I thought – that Glasgow “simply could not bear the burden.”

But Edinburgh seems to be able to bear that burden because the airline said that it would introduce eleven new routes from that airport.

Does it not suggest to you that Edinburgh can afford to pay APD whilst Glasgow flyers can’t? And since there are no cuts at Prestwick or Aberdeen that passengers using those airports can afford it as well?

Glasgow airport seems to agree because it also blamed the move on APD and the inability of the Scottish government to introduce its proposed alternative, Air Departure Tax (ADT) which – initially at least – would be 50% cheaper than APD and finally do away with a departure tax altogether.

Does the airport then think its passengers are unable to afford the tax whilst passengers using the other three airports can?

Surely there is something else behind the airline’s decision? Is it just that the economics of the routes that Ryanair runs weren’t economic? Is this talk of Glasgow passengers being unable to afford APD a blind t mask marketing mistakes by the airline? Whatever the reason, the one issued by the airline doesn’t ring true and being supported in it by the airport is – s I said – insulting to those that use Glasgow airport.

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