Back to Tunisia

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Cart driver in Tunisia waving

Is the waving for British tourists returning to Tunisia this morning?

This morning the first flights to Tunisia since the Foreign Office altered its advice on travelling there have been taking place. Normally this wouldn’t be a very big story for the mainstream media but, this morning, it seems to have become so important even to the extent that it is the lead story on BBC Breakfast despite the growing Oxfam mess. 

On the BBC news channel overnight there was an interview with Thomas Cook about the holiday return to the country. Over the weekend, the BBC’s security correspondent, Frank Gardiner reported on the security situation there and how it had improved since the terrorist attack on British holidaymakers a couple of years ago. This morning both the BBC Breakfast programme and ITV’s Good Morning Britain had journalists at Birmingham Airport reporting on the first flights and passenger attitudes and even travel guru Simon Calder was at the airport. Good Morning Britain even found one lady who had been going to Tunisia for thirty years. The first two Thomas Cook flights that left were both full. And Thomas Cook had plenty of mentions with only a throw-away line from one reporter that the number one UK tour operator, TUI, would be starting flights to Tunisia later in the year. 

Such coverage – at least on television – is a tribute to either Thomas Cook, the Tunisian tourist authorities or their government because few countries manage to get this amount of publicity. It was also very positive in its approach with stories about how welcoming Tunisians are. 

Breakfast gossip at the Tunisian tourist board office and the embassy in London must be made up of rather happy people this morning!

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