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Mt Fuji

Many in Europe may not know of the Japanese town of Hakone yet travellers to Japan this month  will be the lucky ones if they are seeking the best images of Mt Fuji.

Because the town has a record of fair weather in the early part of the year it means that people who make the short trip from Tokyo tend to get really sharp, crisp and good views of the snow topped mountain. The chances are that if you have seen stunning shots of the mountain they have been taken from Hakone.

A Hakone Tourist Association analysis of Instagram posts with the Japanese keywords for “Mt. Fuji” shows why visitors flock to Hakone. During last year’s winter, the number of images posted as photos of Mt. Fuji taken from Hakone amounted to 3,200. There is a picture of Mt. Fuji towering above a sea of clouds before dawn, a daytime view of Mt. Fuji beyond a ropeway car, and Mt. Fuji viewed from more unexpected vantage points, such as through an art museum window. Each photo shows Mt. Fuji in a different composition and color scheme..

Some visitors even go to different spots or pick different times of day just so they can post multiple photos showing different aspects of Mt. Fuji. And winter is the best season for viewing Mt. Fuji from Hakone! A look at the rankings of Instagram hashtags related to Hakone in winter shows that “Mt. Fuji” has a consistently high ranking.

Because overseas visitors tend to be on tight travel schedules, it is all the more important to be certain of good views of Mt. Fuji. And because Hakone delivers, tour operators and guides include a trip to the town fairly secure in the knowledge that tourist will see what they came for.

And after visitors have gazed at Mt Fuji they can relax in one of the hot spring baths. Hakone is particularly rich in natural hot springs that are said to ease the muscular and mental strain of exercise. There are 17 local natural hot spring spa resorts called “Hakone 17 Toh” said to have been helping weary travelers ease their fatigue since the Edo Period.

Watching mountains can be so, so stressful!

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