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Today, 6 February 2018, marks the centenary of the Representation of the People Act, which allowed some women in Britain to vote for the first time, gave them the right to stand as an MP and was the first time a female MP was elected. In some people’s eyes, it isn’t 1918 that should be celebrated as the centenary but 1928 as it was in that year that the voting age was lowered to the same age as that of men. In 1918 it was only women over 30 that had the vote.

This year there will be many exhibitions, films and memories of women being given the vote. Seven areas across England will commemorate this milestone with the government’s ‘Centenary Cities’ – Bolton, Bristol, Leeds, Leicester, London, Manchester and Nottingham have strong link to the women’s suffrage movement  and will be hosting projects celebrating those individuals who helped to make this happen. With International Women’s Day just a month away (8th of March), events celebrating the event will be taking place across England throughout the year.

Leicester has already unveiled a story to Alice Hawkins who led the emancipation movement in the city and Manchester will unveil a statue to Emmeline Pankhurst on International Women’s Day. This year, the first statue to a female will be unveiled in Parliament Square. Millicent Fawcett will join Churchill and Lloyd George overlooking the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. The statue has been sculpted by Gillian Wearing who is also the first female to be commsiioned to produce a statue in Parliament Square.

One of the biggest exhibitions will be at the Museum of London which has already opened and runs until early January 2019. Called Votes for Women Centenary, it bases the exhibition on of the largest collection of suffragette memorabilia in the country.


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