What’s the point?

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a revolving stand against a wall at Morrisons – Haverforwest

This is the time of year when people are looking at potential holiday destinations, places to go for a day out and what attractions there are. In our motorway service areas, out-of-town supermarkets and attractions there are display cabinets that carry leaflets about what to see and do.

Some are just graduated wooden or plastic single fronted display cabinets. Others are four sided and can be spun so you can see all sides of leaflet racks.

Without getting into the argument, at this stage, about whether these tourist information displays achieve their aim of alerting the travelling public to what is available, it is pretty obvious that if the four sided cabinets are placed against a wall they can neither turn nor display one side of brochures.Such was the situation when I went into a Morrisons supermarket in Haverfordwest recently.

Haverfordwest is the county town of Pembrokeshire, a county that relies heavily on tourism. A lot of Pembrokeshire tourism involves camping, caravanning and cottage rental so a visit to a supermarket to stock up at the start of a weekend break or holiday is nigh on essential. At supermarkets in the county it would be difficult to miss the tourist information booths as they tend to be located at the entrances or exits.

the gap between the cabinet and the wall showing it be impossible to see or select any brochures

If I was a local attraction or tour provider I would be miffed if my brochures were closeted next to a wall and unable to be seen by anyone. Having paid for a display I would want them to be displayed. If I was the contractor selling the advertising and paying a supermarket chain thousands of pounds to place the display cabinets I would want them to be noticed, not tucked away.

And if I was a holidaymaker and was unable to look at the brochures on the side next to the wall, I would probably think that there was nothing there worth seeing.

In this instance, maybe the holidaymaker might be right because many of the brochures were those from 2017!

Not only is there a point as to why this particular display cabinet couldn’t be viewed properly(and how many similar ones up and down our countries exist) but is it worth having them if brochures are out-of-date?

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